Campus media focuses on political changes

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College views on transition of power

Editor’s Note: This is the second set of links College Media Review is publishing related to Donald Trump’s inauguration, the women’s march, and visits college journalists had with professional journalists while in Washington, D.C. Also included are links from to inauguration coverage, including voices from college Republicans  explaining why they voted for Donald Trump.

Jan 22, 2017 – Voices: I’m a college journalist who covered Trump’s inauguration. Here’s what I saw. … Related: College students share why they went to Trump’s inauguration … (Photo: Sophia Tulp for USA TODAY College). Protestors …

Jan 20, 2017 – 20, 2017, before the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. … Sophia Tulp is an Ithaca College student and a USA TODAY College digital producer. … Voices: I’m a college journalist who covered Trump’s inauguration.

Jan 20, 2017 – “We have to hold Trump accountable and actually stay engaged.” … We talked to CollegeRepublicans at Trump’s inauguration — here’s what they said. By Aileen …. This article comes from TheUSA TODAY College Contributor network. ….. Voices: I’m a college journalist who covered Trump’s inauguration.

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