About CMR

About CMR

College Media Review is the flagship publication of College Media Association, Inc., the nation’s largest organization for advisers and advocates of a college student media.

CMR is the leading academic journal on advising collegiate media in print, broadcast and electronic forms. CMR is a comprehensive journal for popular and refereed articles serving collegiate advisers of print, electronic and broadcast media and reaches more than 800 subscribers. Views expressed in CMR are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect opinions of the organization or of its officers. Any writer submitting articles must follow the Writer’s Guidelines included on this site.

MISSION for College Media Review

  • CMR educates and informs advisers on how best to teach, advise and produce collegiate media.
  • Its refereed section quantifies trends, documents theories, identifies characteristics and disseminates research and information for and about collegiate media and advising.
  • Its non-refereed section offers essential news and opinion on all facets of collegiate media advising – teaching, training, recruiting, diversifying, motivating and challenging students to media excellence.

College Media Review (ISSN 0739-1056) is published quarterly by College Media Association, Inc. © 2014 College Media Association, Inc.

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Robert Bergland
berglandProfessor of Journalism and Integrated Media
Missouri Western State University
St. Joseph, Missouri
816.271-4446 / bergland@missouriwestern.edu

Managing Editor
mugLandieDebraDebra Chandler Landis
Student Publications Adviser
University of Illinois Springfield
Springfield, Illinois
217-206-7717 (office) 217-494-2807 (mobile) / dland2@uis.edu

Associate Editor (Peer Review Submissions)

lillian (2)Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver
Dean, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Florida International University
North Miami, Fla.
305.919.5625 / kopenhav@fiu.edu


CMR Webmaster
BillNevilleBill Neville
Director of Student Media (Interim)
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Brimingham, Ala.
205.934.6691 / bneville@uab.edu

Liaison with CMA Board of Directors | CMA Vice President

Murley_BryanBryan Murley
Associate Professor, Journalism
Eastern Illinois University