CMR Volume 50, Number 3 (Spring 2013)

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Flagship Journal of College Media Association
Volume 50, Number 3
Spring 2013

RESEARCH: Contagion: Viral Articles in Student Media
Media phenomenon is both misunderstood and under theorized.
By Holly-Katharine Johnson

NEWS: Florida A&M officials announce new adviser
Officials insist censorship was not a factor in action.
By Debra Chandler Landis

Legal Issues: The Famuan Situation
Advice from the Student Press Law Center.
Q&A with Frank LoMonte

Student and professional journalists dealing with restrictions on sports coverage
A view from the Student Press Law Center.
By Frank LoMonte

TECHNIQUES: Live-Bloggging: A Way to Engage Students, Readers
A case study from Texas.
By Sarah Maben and Dan Malone

REVIEW: College Media Considered a Variety of Ethical Questions in 2012.
By Dan Reimold

Print is dead. Long live print!
By Robert Bergland

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PassportArtJournalism students gain unique experiences

By Rachele Kanigel

As globalization becomes an increasingly important part of modern life, universities are launching study abroad programs in ever more remote and exotic destinations.

Financing Study Abroad Opportunities

By Rachele Kanigel

Finding the dollars…and yen, and kroner, and pesos.

Sláinte! Learning community journalism in rural Ireland.

By Andrea Breemer Frantz & Lindsay Wotanis

Getting the story in Ireland.

Combining study abroad and undergraduate research

By Robert Bergland

Make the education experience a double.

What’s available for the globe trotter?

A quick overview of popular programs.

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