CMR Volume 50, Number 1 (Fall 2012)

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Flagship Journal of College Media Association
Volume 50, Number 1

Fall 2012

RESEARCH: Information access in an Era of Privatized Higher Ed
Public universities are increasingly becoming privatized, which raises delicate questions of how to balance privacy against transparency, but student journalists and media advisers should remind officials and remember themselves the essential spirit of sunshine laws.
By Alexa Capeloto

RESEARCH: Newspaper revenues, salaried positions grow; Online editions expand as well
The results of this survey, which are compared to a similar one done in 2007, reveal that overall, college newspapers appear to have met many of the financial challenges they have faced and made some progress. Operational budgets and the number of staffers paid have increased, although individual pay has not increased significantly.
By Lillian Kopenhaver

REVIEW: Journalists around the world killed while doing their jobs.
Jennifer Henrichsen and CMA member and Nordin Research Award winner Joanne Lisosky document the large increase in violence against journalists in the last decade. The changing nature of war has led to journalists being increasingly targeted by those wishing control or censor information.

By Pat Lauro

It’s payback time for this editor.
By Robert Bergland

Illustration by Colten Bradford, University of Illinois-Springfield
Bullying can occur in all workplaces, including college newsrooms
“There is a difference between one who debates and one who berates.”
By Christopher Mapp

RELATED: Newsroom bullying will take its toll if left unchecked.
By Jamie Tobias Neely

YEAR IN REVIEW As we move into a new school year, a look back at 2011-2012
Paterno death tweet ends poorly for managing editor
On the plus side, numerous publications produced outstanding journalism and moved toward a digital-first publication model in 2011-2012. On the negative side, mistakes in judgment led to the resignation of several newspaper EICs, and financial pressures continue to affect many publications.
By Dan Reimold

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