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MugLogo_BerglandHow can the journal better serve you and take advantage of the online format?

In my previous, inaugural column, I asked y’all for payback—that is, to give back to the journal for all the ways it has helped you out by contributing to the journal. The response so far has been wonderful.  Thanks to your efforts and some good corralling by Managing Editor Debra Landis, we’ve gotten numerous good submissions, with six good articles, a book review and a research article in this issue, with more to come in January.  Keep them coming!

Instead of payback, this time I’m asking for feedback. You see, this is the ideal occasion to rethink the journal, to re-evaluate what the journal could or should be providing to the CMA membership.  With the change in editor and managing editor, and the switch last year to an online-only format, now is the perfect time to question what College Media Review is doing and what we could be doing differently or better.  What sorts of things would you like to see in the journal?  What recommendations do you have to take advantage of the online format of the journal?  Ideas to help better incorporate social media into the journal? Ways the journal might be more tied to the conventions and other CMA activities?

At the same time, it’s important to also let us know what the journal doing well that you want to make sure doesn’t change.  In the end, there may be consensus that there is little that needs changing.  Regardless, we’d like to begin a conversation to explore directions the journal might go in the coming years.

I encourage you to either respond with comments after this article, or to email me privately: bergland@missouriwestern.edu. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your thoughts and ideas with Debra, Webmaster Bill Neville and Associate Editor Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver.


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