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img_4788Resource for those who want printed volumes of CMA material

Now available on College Media Review: an online bookstore where the public can purchase printed volumes of CMR research annuals and buy an assortment of college media apparel and other items.

“CMR webmaster Bill Neville, the College Media Association board of directors, and CMA executive director Meredith Taylor worked together to make this bookstore a reality. A sincere thanks to them for their work,” said CMR editor Debra Chandler Landis.

“After CMR moved from a print to an online format, some members requested we pursue making the research annual available in printed form. They noted that while online-only scholarly journals are increasing in number, hard copies provided a comparable professional feel to other bound research volumes in the journalism and mass media field.”

CMR Research Annuals will continues to be available as free PDF downloads on this site through the end of the year. After that PDF copies of past publications will be available in the members section at CMA hopes to add additional materials available in printed format and online as they become available.

At the College Media Review bookstore, members and the public can also order printed versions of:

  • College Media Review Research Annual 2016
  • College Media Review Research Annual 2015
  • College Media Review Research Annual 2014
  • College Media Review Research Annual 2011-2013
  • Governing College Student Publications by Bill Click (Reprint)

Volumes are $10 each plus shipping and handling. At this time, print volumes must be ordered individually.

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