CMR Volume 50, Number 2 (Winter 2012)

Flagship Journal of College Media Association
Volume 50, Number 2
Winter 2012

RESEARCH: Black and White and Still Read All Over
An Examination of the State of College Newspapers in a Turbulent Time.
By Lisa Lyon Payne

Journalism Majors Not Available
It’s not uncommon for liberal arts institutions that do offer journalism majors to either require or strongly encourage students to double major.
By Lisa Lyon Payne

Transition Into Academic Environs
From professional reporter and editors to professional adviser: Veteran advisers share their stories.
By Alex Capeloto

Never in My Wildest Dreams by Belva Davis

Never in My Wildest Dreams by Belva Davis

REVIEW: Never in My Wildest Dreams: A Black Woman’s Life in Journalism Book is both moving memoir and fascinating journey into U.S. history.
By Carolyn Schurr Levin



First payback for the editor… now it’s time for feedback. CMR woud like yours.
By Robert Bergland

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Coping with disaster... Long Island University and Mercer County Community College. Background photo Brian Birke, Creative Commons.

Coping with disaster… Long Island University and Mercer County Community College. Background photo Brian Birke, Creative Commons.

FEATURES When Disaster Strikes A College Community

By Carolyn Schurr Levin

What happens when a crisis hits, as it did when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, only to be followed the following week by a nor’easter?

TRENDS Blogs as Varies as the Bloggers Themselves.

By Pat Winters Lauro

“She posted a picture to Pinterest and it just exploded.”

MILEPOSTS First Amendment Fundamentals for 2012.

By Frank LoMonte

Four noteworthy First Amendment cases for college media in 2012.

POLITICS 2012 Crafting Election Coverage on Campus

By Dan Malon & Sarah Maben

Covering elections provide reader service and a practical way to enhance journalism instruction.

Recent Posts

Austin Shoot-out: Texas Our Texas

Photographers had to contend with a soggy shoot in Austin

By Bradley Wilson
CMR Managing Editor

The assignment was rather straightforward. “Texas, Our Texas.” Give the judges a feel of a piece of the story of Texas, Our Texas. Routine life. Daily life. Work. Play. Offer an analysis of the state that goes far beyond the superficial.

Then came the rain. Lots of it. More rain that Austin had ever seen in a single day — 16 inches.

Then came the tornadoes. Damaged a school south of Austin. Closed the airport.

But the 60 or so students who indicated they wanted to participate in the Shoot-out and the 47 who finally participated persevered and documented a little slice of life in Texas during the College Media Association / Associated College Press convention in Austin over Halloween weekend.


  • First place and class favorite | Taylor Slifko, Austin Peay State University (Jake Lowary. adviser)
  • Second place | Jack H. Taylor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Wesley Lewis & Caitlyn Zhang, advisers)
  • Third place | Scott Robert Williams, Youngstown State University (Dave Davis, adviser)
  • Honorable mention | Violetta Valeeva, Missouri Western State University (James Carviou, adviser)

THE ASSIGNMENT: Give your friends an opportunity to learn something about Texas too. Your images should show them something about Texas, your visit to the state capital and maybe even your visit to the State Capitol. Make it memorable. Tell me a story. Give me a feel for the great state. Go beyond the superficial. Get out of the hotel and experience what it means to be in Austin and in Texas.

JUDGES: Amy Zerba, Carole Babineaux, Deborah Cannon, Eric Thomas, Griff Singer, Jamie Gilbert, Jeff Grimm, Jim McNay, John Beale, Kathleen Flores, Kelly Glasscock, Lauren Roberts, Mark Zeltner, Matt Stamey, Mickey Osterreicher, Nell Carroll, Nils Rosdahl, Park Street, Pat Gathright, Ralph Barrera, Sam Oldenburg, Shawn Kaplan, Sherri Taylor, Steve Sweitzer, Tara Haelle, Tom Hallaq




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