Assignment solar eclipse

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College journalists provide multi-media coverage 

By Debra Chandler Landis
Editor, College Media Review
Fall classes at SIU weren’t even under way, and the Daily Egyptian student newspaper had a largely new staff.
But the student journalists, like their peers on other campuses covering the Aug. 21 solar eclipse, hit the ground running.
Below you’ll see examples of some of their work, as well as links to other collegiate coverage.
“Covering the eclipse was on-the-job training and a huge learning experience. We covered a variety of things,” said Athena Chrysanthou, editor-in-chief of the Daily Egyptian student newspaper at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. NASA scientists, broadcast and print journalists, residents of Illinois and other states were among several thousand people descending on the SIU campus to view the eclipse .

In addition to the eclipse itself, D.E. staff members covered eclipse-themed area concerts, festivals, and other events. Chrysanthou said safety in the field was stressed, from remaining hydrated to wearing the special safety glasses when looking at the sun.
“The vast majority of the staff were brand new. They were on the go,” said Eric Fidler, faculty managing editor for the Daily Egyptian.
Chrysanthou said she appreciated the diversity of eclipse coverage the Daily Egyptian produced.
“It was kind of intimidating” Chrysanthou said of initial feelings about covering an event that attracted thousands, including members of the national press.
But any of those feelings soon dissipated.
“I’m very proud of the staff. We all came together, and I really think we pulled it off,” she said.
The Aug. 21 eclipse was the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the United States in 99 years.
Carbondale and the nearby village of Makanda were in the area of largest duration for the eclipse that started in Oregon and exited in South Carolina.

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