CMR Extra — Quick Links

Editor’s note: Journalists typically learn early on how to write a city council story, cover a sports game, do an investigative piece into questionable spending by public officials, write a profile or in-depth article.

CMR_arrow26They may never have to cover breaking news and follow-up stories related to horrific mass shootings in Orlando and Dallas, and on school and college campuses and elsewhere.

College and professional media should have in place at least some guidelines on how to cover such tragedies and how publications and stations want to present the coverage, including coverage through social media. They’ll want to look at many different angles and how to best do so.

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CMR Extra — Quick links

Editor’s Note — Horrific news stories—such as what occurred in the Orlando nightclub shooting—include breaking news, profiles, and myriad follow-ups.

CMR_arrow26They prompt campus and professional news organizations to reflect on the coverage to date as well as analysis from outside observers.

Here are links to some of the analysis of the Orlando coverage.

Media Coverage of Orlando Tragedy Follows Familiar Scripts …

Variety — Jun 12, 2016 · An outpouring of emotion and familiar narratives marked TV news coverage of the Orlando shooting. As soon as word emerged, on Sunday morning, …  Continue reading “CMR Extra — Quick links”