Shoot-out reflects ‘absolutely stunning images’

first place
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Student photos reflect a portrait of Washington

After the convention in Washington, D.C., 44 judges set to work looking over the 32 entries from 19 students in the on-site Shoot-out.

One judge wrote, “(The top images) were head and shoulders above the other entries. Absolutely stunning images.”

Indeed, perhaps for the first time in nearly 20 years, the top entry scored three times higher than any other entry. It was ranked by 77% of the judges and ranked first by 47% of them.

Wrote another judge: “(The top entry) tells a story and surroundings all relate to who the person is.”

The assignment included writing captions with the names of all identifiable people. Judges repeatedly said the quality (or absence) of captions reflected in their rankings.

The judges chose to recognize the following entries.

  • FIRST PLACE — Juliana Yamada, San Francisco State University, Rachele Kanigel and Josh Davis, advisers
  • SECOND PLACE — Kia Harlan, California Baptist University, Sonya Singh, adviser
  • THIRD PLACE AND CLASS FAVORITE— Jacob Spotts, Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • HONORABLE MENTION — Dominic Di Palermo , Elgin Community College, Nicholas Obradovich, adviser
  • HONORABLE MENTION — Trennt Rhea, Dallas College Brookhaven Campus, Daniel Rodrigue, adviser

DC Shoot-out F22

Students were assigned to find a person who lives or works in Washington, D.C., or the area — not a tourist. Tell that person’s story. Have some fun along the way and be prepared to explain what you were thinking at the critique.

Bradley Wilson, Ph.D.

Kevin Kleine and Chris Waugaman

Meagan Abo, Emily Arnold, Michelle Balmeo, Ellen Banner, Ann Beckett-Willis, Christine Blaisdell, Jane Blystone, Deanne Brown, Kelly Buckner, Elise Carlson, Kyle Carter, Sharin Chumley, Cary Conover, Greg Cooper, Kathy Daly, Diane Davis, J.G. Domke, Hunter Doughty, Gaby Doyle, Michelle Evenson, Leslie Fireman, Megan Fromm, Kirsten Gilliland, Tara Haelle, Tom Hallaq, Bonnie Katzive, Debra Klevens, Kevin Kleine, John Knaur, Michelle Martinez Rivera, Jim McCrossen, Jim McNay, Sam Oldenburg, Julie Pelosi, Barbara Perenic, Terri Real, Jayna Rumble, Andea Schlepphorst, Margaret Sorrows, Matt Stamey, Elizabet Strehl, Becky Tate, Eric Thomas, Lisa Wallace, Carrie Webbenhurst, Mark Webber