Photographers document city fizzing with excitement

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23 photojournalists document the personality of Atlanta, host city of fall convention

Whether the photographers knew Atlanta as the “Chicago of the South” or “ATL” or just “The A,” their assignment was simple: “[C]reate an image — worthy of a postcard — showing that Atlanta is a city that’s always fizzing with excitement.”

In Atlanta, even the buildings have personality. Show the personality of people interacting with those buildings. Or parks. Or vendors. Or visitors.

The photographers on-site at the College Media Association and Associated Collegiate Press national convention in Atlanta definitely set out to cover those visitors, vendors, parks and buildings to document the cultural diversity of the city.

SECOND PLACE AND CLASS FAVORITE: Ashanti Thomas, Eastern Illinois University (Greg Cooper); [email protected]
Mauro Espinosa, 4, gets his picture taken by his mother Janette Espinosa in front of the Children’s Museum, Oct. 31, in Atlanta.

There were no restrictions on where the photographers could take their photos other than the images had to be taken inside the city limits of Atlanta. And they must have been taken after 9:50 a.m., Oct. 30 and before noon Nov. 1 at which time the photographers had a large-group critique led by Sam Oldenburg of Western Kentucky University.

In all, photographers submitted 45 images into the contest.

THIRD PLACE: David Katzenmaier, Appalachian State University (Susan Davis, adviser) Add A Splash of Fun to Your Day! Many visitors such as Mari, just seeking a spritz of excitement, visit the fountains at Centennial Park. Mari said she has always wanted to see historic landmark and loved getting up close and personal. She said, “What’s a little water on a pretty fall day? It’s fun.”
  • FIRST PLACE: Alex Hoben, Tarrant County College (Chris Whitley, adviser)
  • SECOND PLACE and CLASS FAVORITE: Ashanti Thomas, Eastern Illinois University (Greg Cooper, adviser)
  • THIRD PLACE: David Katzenmaier, Appalachian State University (Susan Davis, adviser)

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CMA photo contest f23 Atlanta

Sonya Singh, David Levy, Sam Oldenburg

Candace Bowen, Carrie Webbenhurst, Casee Harl, Cecil Witherspoon, Danny Fulgencio, Debra Klevens, Eliot Aust, Elise Carlson, Emily Arnold, Eric Thomas, Erin Martin, Greg Cooper, Hillary Warren, Hunter Doughty, Jacob Wilken, Jane Blystone, Jeff Grimm, Jessica Bramer, Jim Domke, John Beale, John Knaur, Julie Barker, Justin Turner, Kelly Buckner, Kelly Furnas, Margaret Sorrows, Mark Webber, Meagan Abo, Michelle Rivera, Pedro Cabrera, Robert Muilenburg, Sam Oldenburg, Stacy Short, Shannon Oden, Todd Maisel, Tom Hallaq, Tucker Love

Sonya Singh, Robert Muilenburg, Kevin Kleine, David Levy, Greg Cooper, Sam Oldenburg