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How college media is covering the ground game

Editor’s note: College Media Review is highlighting between now and Nov. 8, 2016, examples of print, broadcast and social media coverage by college media about the 2016 presidential election, as well as local, state and other national races.

CMR_arrow26_CMR_SiteIconGrayCollege media hubs across the country are engaged in the 2016 elections at all levels. Their coverage includes multi-media projects, news stories, profiles, commentary, and editorial cartoons.

This week, CMR highlights work by two media operations — staff of the Pitt News at the University of Pittsburgh and series of in-depth articles titled “Your Next President,” by Christian Vasquez of The Prospector at the University of Texas El Paso.

  • At the Pitt News, editors created a page for college daily reporting related to the election; new stories will be added at the top day after day:

  • Here is the link to the “Your Next President” series published by The Prospector: