UPDATE — Dismissed student paper adviser’s replacement is replaced

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Online coverage of developing situation at Butler

More changes in the media advising duties on campus as reported by the Butler Collegian online where the replacement for the displaced adviser is replaced.

The College Media Association is dismayed to learn that Loni McKown, the adviser for The Butler Collegian student newspaper and website, has been removed from her advising duties at Butler University. Read more on CMA website.

From the Student Press Law Center

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INDIANA — The Butler Collegian’s faculty adviser has been dismissed from her position and replaced with a university spokesman, prompting concerns among the student editors and college media watchers.

Loni McKown, who had just started her sixth year as the student newspaper’s adviser, said she received a letter dated Sept. 4 that said she was no longer the Collegian’s adviser and could not advise any Collegian staff in any capacity. The letter said that if she failed to abide by that directive, she would face additional discipline up to and including termination. Read More at the SPLC website.